Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2:30 Tuesday, April 5

Sorry to leave you all hanging for so long. The storm yesturday knocked out the server at the hospital.

Somer has been making GREAT progress and getting stronger everyday! She has been up walking the halls and has made two rounds so far today.

Somer might be ready for some visitors as early as tomorrow. She is thinking of you all and sends her persoonal love to each and everyone of you!

I will see if she is up to sending a blog update my herself tonight.

Love and soul food to you all!


V. Baird said...

That is gret news. It was certainly a storm. I lost power until sometime during the night when I was glad to hear the heat cut on. I will make plans to come see Somer early next week after we get back from the Latin convention. When she feels like visitors, please let us know where she is and what room number.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Somer is doing good !!! Thinking of you & sending love , prayers , & hugs ! May God surround you with peace & comfort today & always . Love you, Deena Adams

Pam P said...

So glad to hear about the improvements. Stay strong Somer!!!